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Supper Club Event Contract

The Supper Club Event Contract


Event:                                                     Event date:                           

Company:                                               Event Time:                                           

Contact Name:                                       

Phone Number(s):                                  



Location of event:                                                                               



Estimated Guest count:                           

(Final count due 7 days prior to event)


A nonrefundable $1,000.00 deposit and a credit card on file are required to book your event.


Credit Card # _______________________________________

Type (Visa, AMEX, MasterCard ) _______________________

Expiration Date _____________Billing Zip Code __________

Holder Name ______________________V-code __________­­_


Terms and Conditions



Deposit may be paid by check, credit card, or money order. Please note that your event will not be considered confirmed until we have received the deposit, credit card information, and signed contract. If the foregoing arrangements meet client approval, please sign this agreement where indicated and return with deposit in the amount indicated.


Payment terms:

$1,000 non-refundable deposit to confirm our services due at date of signing.

30 days before event: 1/2 of current balance due   Date:

7 days before event: Final balance due   Date:

Any CLIENT approved charges not included in agreement (for example, overtime) will be emailed to CLIENT within two business days of the event date. Payment of this invoice will be due upon receipt. A late charge of 1.5% will be added for any unpaid balance after 30 days from the date of the event.



Menu prices are based on a guaranteed minimum number of guests. CLIENT agrees to notify The Supper Club with the final guest count no later than seven (7) days prior to the event. If the catering office is not notified within (7) days, the expected number of guests will then become the guaranteed number of guests. If the guaranteed number is increased within the seven (7) days, CLIENT will be charged accordingly, provided The Supper Club is able to accommodate the additional guests count. The Supper Club will not be responsible for food shortage if actual guest count is greater than the guaranteed count. A drop in guest count below the guaranteed minimum may result in a price increase per person. We may not be able to accommodate last minute dietary restrictions.



If the event is canceled prior to thirty (30) days before the event, The Supper Club shall retain the $1,000 non-refundable deposit. If the event is canceled (29-8) days of the event date, The Supper Club shall retain 50% of the total estimated food and staffing cost and any additional penalties that Supper Club is held to by other vendors (rental, AV, etc). If the event is canceled within seven (7) days of the event, The Supper Club shall retain 80% of the total estimated food and staffing cost and any additional penalties that Supper Club is contractually held to by vendors associated with CLIENT event (rental, AV, etc).

CLIENT understands that these sums are not penalties, but represent a reasonable endeavor by the parties hereto to estimate fair compensation for the foreseeable losses that might result to The Supper Club from the cancellation. Supper Club will allow CLIENT to apply any cancellation charges to events re-booked within four months of the original event date.

The Supper Club is not responsible nor will Supper Club hold the CLIENT responsible for cancellations due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to venue closure, acts of God, or natural disasters.



Doors to open no more than 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time. Should your event exceed the scheduled length, there will be a minimum additional charge of $200.00 per half hour or portion there of.



Client hereby indemnifies and holds The Supper Club harmless from any liability or responsibility for any personal injury or damage as the result of the negligence, omission or mistake of Supper Club, Supper Club’s employees, or agents.


Supper Club hereby indemnifies and holds CLIENT harmless from any liability or responsibility for any personal injury or damage as the result of the negligence, omission or mistake of Client, Client’s employees, or agents.



Any and all food not provided by The Supper Club but consumed at the event shall incur additional fees.


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